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Gorillas under threat from mobile phones

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Tantalum is a rare metal used in capacitors and other components for gizmos such as cellphones and game consoles. Unfortunately it is mined in areas of eg the Congo which are home to gorillas. Such mining is very profitable since world prices for Tantalum are high. Not only do illegal miners use gorillas for food, their mining methods cause pollution, particularly of the watercourses, as well as disruption to the gorillas' way of life.

So next time you use one of these wonderful devices, think of the effect on gorillas.

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Gorillas under threat from mobile phones

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It is quite bad isn't it. It doesn't seem to be a mineral that will be easy to replace.

But is mankind really gorillas closest cousins? I would have thought they were closer to some of the other primates.

Gorillas under threat from mobile phones

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nah.....orangutans and chimpanzees are closer to us genetically......the human and chimp genome are 98,2% the same, the remaining 1,8% is mostly responsible for the extended growth of our neo-cortex.....wich is why we went down from the trees

Gorillas under threat from mobile phones

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oh sorry...misunderstood the question.....i have know idea about gorillas closest cousins.......

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