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Offside - the easy version

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A meticulously researched and eloquently written article. I still don't understand a word of it.

I can offer a much simpler explanation, from what my mate Steve (an Arsenal fan of religious conviction) once explained to me:

A player is offside when the Arsenal crowd shouts "Offside !"

Offside - the easy version

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It was actually much simpler, and easier to read. And then someone came along and wanted to add loads of complicated stuff, and the h2g2 Eds of the time told me I had to let it be updated. Despite me not being an absent Researcher, and the entry having spent ages in PR, and the changes not being PRed at all, so going in unchecked, unverified and unwanted.

Sorry still a bit bitter about that one.

Your method is good too though.

Offside - the easy easy version

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lil rabbit foo foo

ahem. "The offside rule is when the french mustard has to be between the sea salt and the teriyaki sauce."

Offside - the easy easy version

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I'll take that with a pinch of salt if I may. smiley - smiley

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