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Offside - the goalie is irrelevant!

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OK - It's the last minute of the game and the goalkeeper has gone up in attack for a corner. It backfires and the ball ends up at the opposite end with two attackers bearing down on one defender and no goalkeeper. According to the offside rule the attacker with the ball has to take on the defender and try to dribble past him. If he passes the ball, even if his team mate is not ahead of the defender, he is offside (as the offside rule states that two defenders have to be behind the ball). Why should attackers be penalised for a goalie taking a daft gamble? Show me a ref or linesman who would give this as offside and I'll show you a pitch invasion followed by riot. Surely the wording needs to be redefined so that it is the last outfield defender that is the issue - if the goalkeeper is out of his box that's his problem!

Offside - the goalie is irrelevant!

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Isn't there a rule that says sommat along the lines of this?

If the attacking player is past the goalkeeper the ball may be passed without being given offside so long as the pass goes backwards?

I am not 100% sure on that, I just remember watching some game a while ago where I think that happened. Not when the keeper was up for a corner but when the attacking player rounded him.


Offside - the goalie is irrelevant!

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I was under the impression that it wasn't offside if the ball was passed backwards? This would easily allow two players to score against one without a goalie, the player without the ball just has to remain a few inches or even in line with the player in possesion of the ball.

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