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What? Please...

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Researcher 236886

What can I say? This is pat, supercilious, arrogant, and insulting. It is disgraceful!

It implies dishonesty where none exists and should be expunged from your board ASAP.

What? Please...

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Instead of demanding it to be removed, why don't you offer a coherant counter-argument in a civil fashion. For a start it would be more convincing.

Stesmiley - mod

What? Please...

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Gaggle Halgrunt

Hmm. Two years on and still no reply to your request Ste!

What? Please...

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What is the point of offering a coherent counter-argument to what was mere baseless insult? Four years after your post this is still a mere baseless insult, and I for one have gotten rather tired of people proclaiming that scientists have to leave their religion at the door to study science.

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