A Conversation for Human Evolution - the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis


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This is the importance--
Man has got this idea that they are GODS and therefore, they
should make their non-intelligent thoughts be the thoughts for all.
They are wrong!!!! Universl God gave man a choice---to chose Him.
These people that THINK they are in control are not--they are FAKES.
Man only uses 10-11% of his brain--they know nothing!!! If they really
knew GOD---their god is destruction, murder, 20 pieces of silver or
gold. They are willing to sacrifice over 2/3 of the world and destroy
"GOD's Creation". GOD put us here to PROTECT the earth and contents-
NOT DESTROY--What twisted intity came up with filling the GULF with oil? Surely they did not need the money! So THINK,WHY? This sick plan
is not correct--for one to think(?)-with the limited brain power they
have-they are going to save civilization? What is civil about what they are doing? If they can not take care of this World-what in GODs'
name makes them think(?) THE GOD of the UNIVERSE is going to give them
another to destroy--Oh it is mind set--lol--get a crip on REALITY-
not power play and their non-intellectual thoughts--GOD gave us a
CHOICE--the power is not in our small minds the power is IN the REAL
GOD--not the FAKERS trying to be GODS. Oh yea of little minds.
My human side is so heartbroken--the very air we breathe, the water
we drink, the poisoned food we eat, the LIVING_SPIRITUAL BEINGS they
are destroying makes my heart crumble into the very sands by the
Gulf--anyone being that lives near oceans knows the kindred. We all
are ONE--when they destroy the earth--they ARE making their own
eternal planet--GULP GULP I imagine the mammals that came up for air
to breathe and all they got was Ka-Ching $$$$$$$ and sank to the bottom. IT is NOT okay - Mother Nature is crying out---earthquakes,
tornadoes, floods, hail, fire and here comes the hurricaines. The
distruction you make, is the one in which you will live eternally.
"Worry not my friend, for if not now the WORLD BEYOND is PROMISED-
have the patience to live in this world and the WISDOM to accept
the GIVEN, for life here is but a few years and the WORLD BEYOND,
an ETERNITY of LIVING" CC-1973 given to me by Holy Spirit
GOD of the UNIVERSE is PURE ENERGY LOVE not wanting to destroy.


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You know, I honestly wonder how these people get it together to pay their bills, cook their food and tie their shoelaces. Seriously. By definition they've got access to networked computers, and yet the evidence suggests their brains are barely functional.

We get a better class of nutter here than on youtube, mind you. Youtube comments make me wonder how we've got a civilisation at all.

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