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Problems with Aqua man

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I just read Jim Moore's refutation of Elaine Morgan et al and it was devastating. Morgan's responses to Moore were evasive, disjointed, and utterly unscientific. Before even being lied to, however, I was quite drawn in to the story . . . I wonder why it's such an attractive idea? It reminds me of the 'god' theory somewhat. Perhaps we could all turn the heat of our intellects upon this 'god' theory and all the so-called 'holy' books? I've read 'Atheism: The Case Against God' & 'Farewell to God' and these are good places to start. Whatcha think?

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Problems with Aqua man

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Not to aid any of the AATers, but your posting was off the mark. I don't think that even the most rabid AATer proposes that human and cetaceans are closely related.

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Problems with Aqua man

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while it is true most domesticated cats hate the water, larger cats, such as tigers, love the water and spend time not only hunting in it, biut also playing in the water in a similar way a dog or person might act in a lake or stream.

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