A Conversation for Human Evolution - the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

Diving reflex...

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Well now,

I won't even begin to get into what I *believe* on this entirely too interesting subject, but I thought I'd add a little bit of interesting info I picked up from a book about human survival physiology (Life at the Extremes: The Science of Survival, Frances Ashcroft). Apparently, humans have a fascinating mechanism called a diving reflex, which we share with whales, seals, and other diving mammals. When the face is immersed in cold water (you can trigger it in your kitchen sink), blood flow to fine capillaries under the skin is reduced, while flow the the large muscles of the limbs is maintained. Throughout the entire body, even at the cellular level, the body's metabolism changes to conserve oxygen. This is pretty clearly an adaptation to an at least semi-aquatic existence.

This whole aquatic ape theory is very fascinating. Although, for the sake of making things interesting, one could point out that all these adaptations could be just the result of an intelligent creator who wanted his creations to be as versatile as possible.

So then, have at.


Diving reflex...

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