A Conversation for Evolution and Creation - an Introduction and Glossary

Science versus Religion?

Post 21

Wargamer (The Wanderer)

Oh... Ah, Feth! I have a hard enough time getting out of bed in the morning, never mind all this "selective quote" stuff...

Science versus Religion?

Post 22



Never mind.

Just don't do it again, is all.



Science versus Religion?

Post 23

Wargamer (The Wanderer)

Feth is a Tanith Curse. You see... Feth! I ought to do an Entry to explain the word Feth! smiley - biggrin

Science versus Religion?

Post 24

Wargamer (The Wanderer)

There! I've started the entry, and there's an explanation about 'Feth' there too. A773039

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