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i've always wanted to be an archaeologist, (still kinda young to be one, - in high school... but i'll be a sophmore in college at age 17!! LOL!!) but i didn't know anything about being an archaeologist. this really helped me out, and now i know more about what i want to do! ty ty ty!!!!smiley - oksmiley - oksmiley - oksmiley - oksmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - coolsmiley - coolsmiley - coolsmiley - cool

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Same here, only I've wanted to be an Archaeologist scince the sixth grade! I won't graduate from high school until 08' so, I've got plenty of time to prepare, seeing as I want to get my masters first, then eventually get my PhD. Want some advice, I'll say it anyways, MAjor in the feild that interests you the most, I'm doing American and Egyptian Archaeology, maybe even Mediteraenean or Mesopotamian later. Find a good college too. I'm going to stay close, which is in the state of Texas. First I'm going t a community college for my basics, the I will either go to Baylor University or University of Texas at Austin. Those are the two best within a hundred mile radius, or just in my home state! I know, I've rambled on for quite some time, so I'll shut up now! TTFN!
P.S. Did I mention that the reason I know all of this is because my second cousin has just finished college for the same thing that we are discussing?smiley - dragonsmiley - aliensmilesmiley - earthsmiley - boingsmiley - footinmouthsmiley - bunnysmiley - runsmiley - flyhismiley - oksmiley - blacksheepsmiley - somersaultsmiley - applausesmiley - laughsmiley - goodlucksmiley - eurekasmiley - martiansmilesmiley - starsmiley - ufosmiley - blushsmiley - coolsmiley - evilgrinsmiley - sillysmiley - cakeHave Your Cake And Eat It Toosmiley - 2centssmiley - bluelightsmiley - booksmiley - discosmiley - spacesmiley - tardissmiley - geeksmiley - scientistsmiley - devilsmiley - fairysmiley - ghostsmiley - magicsmiley - monstersmiley - skullsmiley - vampiresmiley - wizardsmiley - witchsmiley - zoom

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Just be warned, If your country is anything like the UK, archaeologists get paid as little as possible. Seriously low wages for your entire career, unless you get a post in a university or a TV show. Give up any hope of ever owning a house, a car less than 10 years old, or the latest technology. Unless of course you have some very wealthy relatives who are happy to supply those things.
A British archaeologist since 1985.

how cool!

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ive always wanted to be an archaeologist... but there isnt much in Australia (where i live) which is a shame... i think i need to go over to the UK and find work smiley - smiley

the fact that youve said they get paid very little is slightly putting me off the idea though but i think if you love the job youd do it no matter what you earned.

would becoming a museum curator be a better option in your opinion?

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