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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

That's the one right there smiley - smiley If you've just got the patience to let that pan get hot enough you'll get a perfect first pancake smiley - tongueout

I've always used a cast iron skillet to cook my pancakes... until recently. My wife's mother gave us an electric non-stick skillet, and it makes good pancakes, although it's a lot harder to toss them than it is with that old cast iron pan smiley - silly And have you ever noticed how clean a pan is after you've cooked a batch of pancakes?

Although it's a fine entry, I think it's missing one important aspect - what do you put on yours? Personally, it's either brown sugar and lemon juice, or golden syrup smiley - bigeyes

Oh, and one typo - I think you mean "griddle" in the section about American flannel cakes, unless there really is something called a "graddle" smiley - smiley


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Flying Betty- Now with added nickname tag!

Maple syrup, for preference. The real stuff, that is, not Aunt Jemima or other stuff you buy in a grocery store in a squeeze bottle.

Toppings, other variations, and cooking tips

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women in black

#1 Real maple syrup and real butter -- but the maple syrup should not be the light-coloured so-called "grade A" maple syrup, which is nearly flavourless. Much better to buy the dark stuff "grade B", "grade C," or "amber".

#2 Real butter and cinnamon sugar. Yum! Goes especially well with a cup of hot chocolate

#3 Jam. Good combined with #1, too

These ones aren't toppings, but additions:

#4 Blueberries. Not the big blueberries, but the little, expensive wild blueberries. Don't stir them into the batter. Instead, sprinkle them on top as soon as the pancakes are in the pan.

#5 Chocolate chips, preferable semi-sweet. Like the blueberries, these are best sprinkled on top rather than stirred in.

#6 A small handful of wheat germ in the batter. It's good for you and it adds nice texture.


- Don't overmix the batter. It should be lumpy.
- Make sure your baking powder is fresh -- it doesn't keep forever!
- Try cooking bacon and leaving a little bacon fat in the pan to cook the pancakes in. Yum!

women in black
maker of pancakes

Toppings, other variations, and cooking tips

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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

Most types of jams will do. Cherry jam, strawberry jam, red currant jam, black currant jam, wild berries jam, blueberry jam.. The list goes on and on.

If you don't have any jam, plain sugar works as well, preferrably added to the pancakes when they're really hot, so the sugar melts a bit.

In addition to this, if you're feeling indulgent, try adding some whipped cream (not the type that comes in shaving foam cans, but real, hand-whipped cream) or some vanilla ice cream.

Ice cream with strawberry jam is my personal favourite combination, but then, I'm Swedish and my opinion possibly shouldn't be taken too seriously.smiley - smiley

Toppings, other variations, and cooking tips

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Bilbo Baggins (don't ask why!)

I don;t know whether this has been mentioned before but I like the combination of sugar (white or brown) with lemon juice. One which I experimented with myself is treacle, its full of flavour and very sticky...mmm, pancakes!

Toppings, other variations, and cooking tips

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ESSEXgirlie..aka im.all.by.myself ex pat of that great leader in the sky LEISURE DISTRICT..

try strawberries and fresh wipped cream....but make sure the pancke has cooled first
or u get runny cream lol
oh by the way ....why bilbo baggins...lol just kiddin

Toppings, other variations, and cooking tips

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Malabarista - now with added pony

Hmm, time to reenliven this?

My favourite topping is cheese, sliced on top after the batter is in the pan, so it fries up nice and crispy when the pancake is flipped...

Not a traditional German topping, so far as I know, but the way my mother makes them smiley - smiley

Its Pancake day

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Its pancake day (in england anyway). Just to bring this topic back into light, is this post.

Happy pancake day!


Its Pancake day

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The H2G2 Editors

And a happy pancake day to you too. smiley - ok

Its Pancake day

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loonycat - run out of fizz

We sometimes have cherry pie filling and cream or ice cream with ours. smiley - drool

Today was standard lemon and sugar or golden syrup.

Its Pancake day

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Malabarista - now with added pony

Mine were apple and walnut, with cinammon sugar smiley - drool

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