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in all my families years of supporting the 49ers and traveling we still have to team up the two and get to a game. Even when I was only living down the road from the Scottish Claymores home ground I never got a chance to see them, I'd love to one day.

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I went to a Claymores game once and things do happen much the same way as described here. Some people may cheer when they get excited, rather than when told to, and most people only turned up to see the actual game, but I'm sure the European spectators are learning.
Still, it was more entertaining than the baseball game I went to see once. 2-1 after something like three hours!

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Demon Drawer

Saw them beat the Monarchs twice at White Hart Lane. smiley - sadface

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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

I saw the Claymores get beat at Murrayfield yesterday.smiley - sadface
The pre-game parties are getting better and better for every year, and especially as the game is getting more and more recognised in Scotland. One of the good things about being an American Football fan is that usually, there isn't as fierce rivalry between the fans of the two opposing teams as one can see over on this side of the pond with Assiciation football. Beer is served in the pre-game area, and fans generally have a good time for about 2 hours before the game starts. And having fun usually means mingling with the fans of the other team.

DD, if you don't mind, I'll add some comments to this entry in anther thread.. Well, I guess I'll do it anyways, but I thought I'd just tell you here before I do it.smiley - smiley

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