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A really minor quibble

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Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

In O Brother... it is Tim Blake Nelson (or whatever his name is that sings) and not John Turturro. Turturro mimes for the yodelling on 'Man of Constant Sorrow' whilst Blake Nelson sang his own part for 'In The Jailhouse Now'.

A good article!!

Another really minor quibble

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Baron Grim

In 'Raising Arizona' (which I still consider one of the funniest and most quotable movies I've seen), I got the distinct impression that the Lone Biker of the Apocolypse was possibly Hi's father. When 'negotiating' with Nathan Arizona, Leonard Smalls comments on the money he once got on the black market for selling a baby. Add this to the bronzed baby shoes that Smalls wears hanging from his jacket and the 'realisation' in Hi's eyes when he notices them seconds before Smalls explodes and I just can't help but feel that Smalls is Hi's father. Which brings up some interesting thoughts about Smalls. If he's such a heartless man, why would he keep his son's baby shoes? Is there some kernal of humanity in his cold heart? Is he Luke's father?.... smiley - cdouble oh sorry, wrong story.

On another note, my favourite theme that the Coens carry through all of their movies is the use of colloquial accents and phrases. Their use of the local accents, while more noticable in some movies than others, almost borders on mocking (actually it probably is mocking). The "Well, OK then's" of Raising AZ, the Texas drawls in Blood Simple, the 'Min-ah-SOOH-dah' "Shures" and "Yah's" of Fargo, the California beach bum accent of 'the Dude', the Bluegrass Twang of everyone in 'Oh Brother..", The Irish-American immigrant accents in Miller's Crossing... Well, you get the idea. I actually have one of these accents (I won't bother to tell Y'all which one smiley - winkeye) and I find them quite funny. At least while the Coens may exagerate regional accents, at least they try to exagerate the right ones. There's a huge difference between the Georgian, or Alabaman southern accent and a Texas accent. Heck, there's a huge difference between accents in Texas alone. Most hollywood accents generically use a Georgian accent throughout the Southern US. At least the Coens make the effort to know what they are mocking (or celebrating, even).

Sorry, I got off'n the track an' started chasin' rabbet's there y'all.
Well, OK then. smiley - ok

smiley - popcorn Count Zero

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