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... a brillaint write-up of a brilliant show... This is so odd... me was out shopping on Friday last week, when me saw a Moonlighing box set on sale... the first series me thinks... anyway... it brought all the memories of moonlighting back... and me nearly bought it... now me wishes me had... ~grin~

Thank you for the memories...

hugs... Greebs... xx


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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

I saw the same box set!
smiley - wow
In WH Smiths, I think smiley - bigeyes

Are you watching the re-runs on Paramount Comedy channel?smiley - laugh
It never dates...I just love Bruce's wise-cracks.
smiley - biggrin

Thanks for your lovely comments, Greebs!smiley - smooch

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Researcher 179388

GB an entry par excellence! You raked up loads of stuff I didn't know and reminded me of some of my favourite episodes, such as one done in the style of Its a Wonderful Life and the Womb with a View. smiley - biggrin


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Jimi X

I love the 'Taming of the Shrew' episode. smiley - ok

One of my favourite shows. smiley - smiley

Nice entry GB!!

smiley - cheers

- X


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This was one of my favourite 80's shows when I was growing up. The two had such great chemistry. Great write-up!


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y'know, deep inside there's a part of me that still wishes one day david and maddie would get back together

and now i'm thinking of my old school teacher whom we used to call burt viola

has bruce ever guested on cybil's sit-com?

and did anybody see her on so graham norton? (shudder)


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I don't watch that show, thankyouverymuch. He was on two episodes of Cybil, though I don't think his name was in the credits


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Me remebers it was a big ting that Bruce and Cybil didn;t like each other in RL... was this true???


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Just the most comprehensive entry I could have imagined, brilliant, brings back all the old memories...

Has anyone noticed, though, "the Moonlighting effect"? You get it on shows like "The X Files" - strong male and female leads with sexual tension being a central hook, but they NEVER get it on. The reason? "Moonlighting" was massively popular while it was "will they? won't they?". As soon as the answer was known - i.e. "DUH! of COURSE they will!" the ratings slumped and never recovered. It is therefore now axiomatic in serial television that if you've got sexual tension you keep it TENSE. See also Friends (how interesting would it be if they all paired off happily?), the various Star Treks (HOW MANY times were Chakotay and Janeway *this* close to kissing?), and many more. For a counter example - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the exception that proves the rule.


Loved this.


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Researcher 193236

Couldn't disagree more that David and Maddie doing it ended the show. The eps right after the Big Bang were among the best of the show. What killed ML was having the two stars apart for the better part of a season due to Cybill's pregnancy and a terrible storyline when she got back. The show never recovered.

Loved the write up of the show although the sequence of events was described a little out of sequence. For example, the ep where Maddie tells David he kisses too hard occurred very late in the series, in the fifth season. By that time, the romance was over, which is what ultimately drove viewers away for good.


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i don't watch graham norton but did tune in when i heard cybil was on the show. she was a state, all over the shop - but funny! talked about elvis' sexual prowess and nearly mounted the other guest - poor orlando bloom, legolas from lord of the rings!
have bert or agnes been in anything else of note?
i remember agnes as coach's daughter in early cheers and bert in the revenge of the nerds movie but that's all...


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I have never seen "Agnes DiPesto" in anything else since that show, which is odd because she was a great comedic actress.


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Also, the show was one of the best on TV (I particularly loved your snippet of dialogue with the security guard, GB!) but once Dave and Maddie got together it lost much of its charm and wit. It's the best example of a theory I have--once the writers of a good sitcom get someone pregnant or the lead characters start dating or get married the show has officially run out of ideas. smiley - sadface

Designing Women was another one that was affected in this way...


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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

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Thank you all for your comments!

Latest news, Curtis Armstrong {Bert Viola} has been interviewed by the Moonlighting Reunion Campaign!!
That is very current and it's been in the papers in Chicago this weeksmiley - biggrin

I've read Cybill's autobiography, she describes Bruce in that as "not a gentleman" and they *almost* became lovers right at the beginning of filming the show, but they decided it was a bad idea because they'd be working so close together for quite a while.....then Bruce met Demi.

My favourite part was when Dave realized he was in love with Maddie and how broken up he was when he found out that she was with Sam.smiley - loveblush We also don't see enough of the gorgeous Mark Harmonsmiley - tongueout

I never saw the So Graham Norton with Cybill on!smiley - groan
Was she really bad?smiley - sadface

I'm sorry the bit where Maddie complains David kisses too hard was out of synch. But I couldn't miss it out - I've never forgotten the "lipuslockus" smiley - laughand the effect on the secretary!smiley - wow

And I *love* the BLOB that Sri made for my entry SO much I've nicked it & put it on my personal space.




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the gorgeous mark harmon was also on 'dream on' (i think it was called) late nights channel 4 a good while back. v funny and adult themed (nudity!) detective show.
cybil was both embarrassing and hilarious on graham norton!
can you nick the bert viola interview for us? i don't recommend his 'nerds' films - they are police academy 10 bad!
i also remember bruce jumping into bed with roseanne barr at the end of the credits when roseanne the show was popular.


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You can call me TC

I never got to see this - or if I did I didn't notice it (The German dubbing was probably lousy again)

So thanks for the info.

I note that it was edited by Bels. smiley - rose

My favourite series where the hero and heroine never got together, because if they had have done no one would have watched any more, was "Northern Exposure".


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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

You're welcome smiley - smiley

Oh yes, the much-missed Belssmiley - peacedove
We had quite a discussion on my PS about this entry after it got picked from Peer Review.

Moonlighting is often repeated on the Paramount Comedy channel, if you ever get near a digital tv...smiley - bigeyes

I must try to catch some Northern Exposuresmiley - brr

smiley - winkeye


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Since this thread was brought back from the dead, I have to mention that Marilyn (Joel's dour Native receptionist) was the best thing about Northern Exposure and I'm sorry we never get to see her on TV anymore.

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