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Wow---whatta big entry. You've certainly hit the nail on the head with this one; I love the show and couldn't finish reading the whole entry!

I would like to point out:

a) you don't mention Dana Delany as one of the famous guest-stars. She woo's David and used to be one of his old girlfriends, it turned out later she was that weeks killer.

b) In the conversation under "dialog", one of the things that makes that WONDERFUL exchange so amusing is the Security Officer wsa Actually "Dr. Seuss" and is credited as "Dr. Weisel" (or whatever his real name was) in the credits for that episode.

Great job on the entry. If this isn't an approved Guide Entry it needs to be!!

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

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Thank you for your comments.

As you say, the entry is a big one, I had to cut quite a lot out of my original draft.

I'm sorry you didn't finish reading it, there's quite a bit of trivia at the end smiley - winkeye

Perhaps you could read it now?smiley - biggrin

Are you watching the re-runs on the Paramount comedy channel?

Did you like the BLOB of Maddie and Dave that the h2g2 smiley - artist made for my edited entry? {and it *is* edited, you can tell from the top right-hand corner of the entry}.

I am very proud of this entry, thank you very much for your kind comments - it's always good to get feedback.

smiley - flyhiAGBsmiley - thepost

p.s. My favourite episode was the "Maddie Hayes gets married" with the Bert strip and the spoof wedding smiley - laugh

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Yes I have finished reading your entry, and it was quite enjoyable. Also, I liked the "blob" art they inserted.

I don't remember whole episodes, per se, but I have a few favorite moments (and no, I do not get the Paramount channel--Perhaps this is only available in the UK or on digital cable??)

My "top three" favorites:

[Anytime David or Maddie talked directly to the camera, I cackled.]

1) David says, "Wait! It's a put-on! Nobody died!" Maddie replies "How can you tell nobody died?" and David points out there's no "bits-a-guy". "Bit's-a-guy?" says Maddie. "bits-a-guy, bits-a-guy, you know? An eye here, a finger there? Bits-a-guy!" This one, I believe, MIGHT be the Dana Delaney episode, but the obligatory once-per-show "chase scene" ended with a coffin sliding out of the back of a hearse on a baseball field and Dave jumping out and calling it "Safe!"

2) Somewhere in the second season, I think, Maddie and David are (of course) feuding. Seems like this is the one where they made a bet that Maddie couldn't be "more fun" than David, after she comes to the office and all the staff is having a Hawaiian Day party, with David singing "Limbo Rock" to the office staff. (Hang on Limbo cats and kiddies, I'll be right back.) Everytime I hear Limbo Rock I think of that one.

3) One I only saw once and was great was a Christmas episode where they keep tying in Christmas references--This one's "chase scene" ended up with a toy-battle between the villian and Blue Moon, and towards the end they said "all's that's missing now is 3 wise men and a camel." I don't remember where the wise men were, but someone offers a "Camel" cigarette.

Two things I didn't remember that your entry brought back were the running gag with "The Anselmo Case", and that McGillicudy died towards the end! That one blew me away, so perhaps I didn't see that one. In all fairness you were bang on; once David and Maddie got together, either the writing just got bad, or it killed the chemistry of the show after that. I actually waded through quite a few of those extremely crappy "Mark Harmon" episodes (and the one on the train, and "baby Hayes", etc etc) and they just never got better, even when they "broke up" the magic was gone and the show just never recovered.
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