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Portland 'nyms and other oddities.

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da pixie

Portland, despite now being full of trees, possesses the nickname of Stumptown.
This dates from when the city was first built in the late 1800's, and the sentiment
back then was "If it's in the way, chop it down." Later on, the residents got quite
weary of the nickname, and came up with other nicknames, such as Rip City,
River City, Rose City, and Better Coffee Than Seattle City. Those didn't stick
very well, until they decided to replant the trees and plant a few roses, too.

Portland possesses the largest bookstore (Powell's) and the largest city park
(Forest Park) in the U.S.A., if not the world. It also possess the smallest
city park (24 inches in diameter) and the only volcano within city limits (Mt. Tabor)
in the U.S. The tiny park (Mill's End Park) is purported to have a leprachaun
inhabiting it, but as there are downtown pubs located nearby, the veracity of this
information is in question. The volcano is located in the SE quarter of the city, and
is quite extinct, which is a good thing, otherwise the local citizens would be.

Portland 'nyms and other oddities.

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Portland also contains one of the best zoos in the world. Recently renamed the "Oregon Zoo", and going through massive renovation and construction, it is home to the first Elephant born in captivity in the West to survive, Packy (born in 1962.) The Oregon Zoo has active breeding programs for many endangered species, and houses over 60 different endangered species.
Currently, the Oregon Zoo is renovating to provide more natural habitats for it animals, and is moving to theme based sections. The current themed sections are: Cascades (animals native to the Pacific Northwest United States,) Alaska Tundra, Africa (including seperate savannah and rain forest areas,) and has non-themed areas for Elephants, Penguins, Primates, Bears, and a Tiger.

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Portland 'nyms and other oddities.

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