A Conversation for Lebanon - Jewel of the Middle East?

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This captures the essence of the beauty and the tragedy of Lebanon. I lived in Lebanon in the 80s and have not returned since but the memories I have are of a country aptly described by Wilma.

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Wilma Neanderthal

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Are you new, EDC? If so, I am honoured to be your first convo elicitor!!
Thank you for your kind words. How comes you lived in the land of odd priorities?
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Wilma Neanderthal

smiley - boing Found you!

I *obviously* had *no* idea smiley - weird who you were when I replied to this.... Did you know it was me? smiley - blush

How wonderful to have you on board, EDC! Tell me when you want to be introduced and if you want to get into the introducing yourself - I'm a dab hand at it all now smiley - geek

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