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I'm not really here

Well done Bonderville, this is a great entry! smiley - applause I really enjoyed it.

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I've never heard of the hand of glory before. Where did you get the information? Good entry

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Enjoyable. It's a lot like the hand of glory(if that's what it was called) in Harry Potter, which Draco speculates over in the second book, that gives light, but only to the beholder. Thus, all lights can be off but you can see.

Nothing was mentioned about its making.

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I first head of the hand from reading a Hellboy comic... the folklore in those stories is fascinating. I have heard of the instance in the Potter book, but the hand in that case seems to be more akin to a thieves light, which I do mention in the entry but do not go into details. The thieves lights, or the fingers of unborn children, supposedly followed the user's whim on when and how to provide light. I recall reading somewhere or other about them giving light exclusively to the bearer as well. However, there are many stories, and each one with its own details on the exact properties of the Hand (in Hellboy the Hand opened any locked door as well as paralyzing any occupants of teh house whether they were sleeping or not.)

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