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I would like to thank whoever wrote this article, as I thoroughly enjoy the sport of rowing and enjoy hearing about people who practice it throughout the world. I had only a few comments about this article and how comprehensive it is to non-rowers.
I live in the United States, where rowing is not as main-stream as in the U.K. As such, and with no offense intended, I think that this article does not cater to someone who has no concept of rowing as a sport and rather as something done in a stubby rowboat with a pair of tiny oars (namely, most Americans). Although most to all of the information is there (what sorts of boats are used, oars, competition, ergometers), it is in (I think) the wrong order. The scope of rowing, what sets it apart from being in a stubby rowboat as mentioned above, comes as second nature to rowers. I suppose it's a bit strange to have someone who has never heard of rowing before in the U.K., but they're in great supply here in the U.S., so maybe give the entry a glance over, and change things around a bit.
To get this site beyond U.K. borders-which was Douglas Adams' intent (I think)-entries need to be written in a more international tone. My writing this is a prime example of how it has already slipped across the Atlantic.


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I am glad you have taken interest in this entry. Have you been around h2g2 long? I say this because this is an edited entry,and edited entries are, by nature, VERY hard to get updated and/or changed. at the present, the best you could do is to post to this entry with information you feel pertinant to the american reader who knows nothing about the sport....


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