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As a local of Dorset, I feel that I need to clarify a couple of things.

Firstly, the words Emmett and Grockle have been in use for many, many years, maybe even centuries - in fact Emmett is an old english word that translates as 'Ant'.

Traditionally, Emmett means a tourist or holidaymaker visiting the westcountry. Grockle DID NOT MEAN THIS. A grockle was somebody who MOVED INTO the area from outside.

However, over the years these two definition have been fuzzed somewhat, so that now when westcountry folk use the term grockle, they are in fact referring to the influx of 'townies' we get every year. It is not at all derogatory. It's only in recent years, with country life being eroded by retirees and second-home owners, that this may have seemed the case.

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Grockles and Emmets

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