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Eletrcic V. by Thomas Wilbrandt*
cd1 - spring and summer
cd2 - Autumn and Wnter
(Decca, 1984, the first ever digital recording for CD, reissue Decca, 1988)

vhs video
(Decca, 1990)

Thomas Wlibrandt, Simon Jeffes and Klaus Buhlert
computer music systems, voice, noises, and percussion.
produced by Thomas Wlibrandt.
co-produced by Simon Jeffes.

from CD-sleeve:
In its unique combination of natural, acoustic and computer generated sounds, of traditional and avantgarde ideas, Thomas Wilbrandt's "The Eletric V." represents an art form for wich there is as yet no generic term.

The basis of "Electric V." is Vivaldi's concerto cycle "The Four seasons". "The Electric V." does not question the intrinsic value of Vivaldi's orginal. Nor is it simply modern arrengement of the work.

both cds and video are very rare and can not found be easily. the cds were bought for me in Houston, Texas, USA in a classical music shop and video I stumbled up myself in Belgium is a Dutch owned record shop.

* Thomas Wilbrandt was student of famous von Karajan.

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