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Steve K.

I'm not familiar with PCO, but there are a number of CD's available at Amazon (US, probably UK also), and with lots of listenable excerpts. The reviews are very positive, e.g. this excerpt:

" ... I introduced my ex to hundreds of albums over the 8 years we were together before he died, but this is the ONLY music he ever introduced me to, and for that alone I am grateful to have met him."

It doesn't get much more positive. (This is about "Preludes, Airs and Yodels" from 1997, maybe a "Greatest Hits"?)

BTW, the music sounds good to my ears. Lots of other similar "new direction" musicians come to mind - Beethoven, Stravinsky, Satie, Cage, Bob ("Play F***in Louder") Dylan, Asylum Street Spankers (musical saw included), Blue Man Group, etc. Thanks for the tip.

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"Preludes, Airs and Yodels" is a good selection for starters definitely.

By-the-way, I included Penguin Cafe Orchestra in my H2G2 article about 'Not Quite Traditional Music' (A508286). Hope no one objects to the plug! That article also, spookily enough, references Brian Eno.

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Just zis Guy, you know? † Cyclist [A690572] :: At the 51st centile of ursine intelligence

I would have to - Brian Eno is as close as you get to a litmus test for not-quite-traditional music.

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