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m00seb0y2 [ ((189-9)/5)+6 = 42 ] ----- Just Say <moose>

Some informative examples of what irony is not come, IRONICALLY, from the Alanis Morissette song 'Ironic'.

When I first heard that Alanis tune, I thought that that was the whole point of it, and that she was poking some fun at those who wrongly describe misfortunes or irritations in their lives as great ironies. ("life has a funny way of creeping up on you", she advises/admonishes them).

I even told people what a clever song I thought it was, a view that was greeted with snorts of derision from those who thought that Alanis had badly missed the point.

I admit I may be crediting Alanis with way too much here....but if I HAVE understood her right, then:-

This song which neatly captures the true meaning of irony, has been misunderstood by many, and has been used by those seeking to explain that true meaning (floppy haired Irish comics and venerable H2G2 researchers alike) as an example of what irony is definately NOT.

How's about that for ironic??

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Just zis Guy, you know? † Cyclist [A690572] :: At the 51st centile of ursine intelligence

Somehow I can't see Ms. Morisette exhibiting quite that degree of subtlety.

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m00seb0y2 [ ((189-9)/5)+6 = 42 ] ----- Just Say <moose>

I don't know - some of her other tunes contain some astute observation.....

and I find it hard to believe that she would write a song containing perhaps 25 "examples of irony", and not get a single one right.

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Marie Rivendell

she does seem to be clever one, I'll definitely give her that credit -- but for the rest really none of us can judge without somehow contacting her; who will take on the crusade of discovering wheter Ms. Morisette is really very clever or very stupid?

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