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This is another British TV game show that uses helicopters, the showed starred Annebel Croft as the host. Basically two contestents were picked up in a helicopter (the same one from Treasure Hunt) and then dropped 5-6 miles apart in the countryside. The whole idea was for the contestants to meet while picking up keys.

The Interceptor also had a helicopter throughout the show (the communications helicopter from Treasure Hunt, it looks like), and then the Interceptor took shots at the contestants with his laser contraption trying to seal the back packs on their backs.

The show is great although Annabel tries to hurry the contestants to much but generally its full of action and the Interceptor pulling the kind of stunts you see on 'Road Runner' and things like that.

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The helicopters used in these shows were normally Bell Jet Rangers.

I don't follow your reference to "Road Runner", is/was that another quiz programme?


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'Road runner'is that stupid German quiz show, where all the contestants fly around in helecopters for some reason. The evil man has a funny car with wierd lasers on it. I think the tapes of the show were burnt because it was racist or something.

By the way I'm NOT being sarcastic, this was really a TV programme.
(I'm not speaking of that Warner Bros. cartoon or however owned the rights etc.)

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