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Alcohol is a wonderful thing, it is everything that it is cracked up to be, and worthy of its laurels. I don't drink, simply because it doesn't agree with me; like one or two other substances (eg wheat). To each their own. One thing it isn't, though: a substitute.


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I have two brothers who can not eat wheat.....but i drink like i fish.


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how do you fish?


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oh oh i'm only 16 and i think i've got an addiction. i went ages drinking all the time, after school, during school, every weekend, everyday bassically. and now the doctor says i have to slow down cos my liver is damaged.
alcohol is wonderful though, even on your saddest days it can make you feel like there is not a worry in the world. but on the other hand, it does this kind of damage to your body....
what do i do? stop? change to something else thats probably more illigal so i can feel better (i.e. drugs?) i'm in a hard sitation here. it's like asking a kid to never eat cake again.smiley - wah


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I'm sorry nobody replied to your posting for so long, I only just figured out this posting lark. Anyhow, at 16 and drinkning all the time with liver damage is a dangerous way to start life, cos it dosnt get easier, life that is. Take it from me a regular reliance on any substance is a sure fire way to restrict yourself, life and possibilities. Cake or alcohol will eventually kill you in excess. Before my dad killed himself with the stuff, I relied on food, too much of it, too little of it, drugs, natural and unnatural, sex, cutting and finally alcohol. you dont want that kind of life when you're thirty to look back at. Help is out there, its scary but a crap life is more scary. good luck and all that

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