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Very nice entry!

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This is a very nice entry; well put together, concise where necessary and not too smug.

I remember cycling to work in the first half of the nineties. One particularly memorable day was when the snow started coming down in thick flurries. The exhilaration of cycling through this, I believe, has to be experienced to be appreciated.
I also had a crash in which a car emerging from a side road crashed into me and caused damage to my left leg. And the driver (a woman) was distraught but her passenger (a man) accused me of not having proper lighting (even though I did!).
Anyway, that's all water under the bridge and it just remains for me to say congratulations on a very appropriate entry.


Very nice entry!

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Martin Harper

It is a good entry, as is the Bike Lights one by the same author (A686784) - but it's a bit harder to commute by bike here in Malvern: it takes me 20mins to cycle in as oppose to 5mins by car, and country roads have to be the least safe type to cycle on. smiley - sadface

Very nice entry!

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Just zis Guy, you know? † Cyclist [A690572] :: At the 51st centile of ursine intelligence

I ride to work on the A4155 from Reading to Henley - a twisting country A road. It's safer (statistically) than cycling round a busy town, as drivers have less distractions - although if an accident does happen it's more likely to be serious, as the speed is greater.

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