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riding in London

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great article, just a pity that it is so unrealistic. I tried dearly to ride my bike, but it just could not happen.

1/ there is no where to take a shower once you get there. ok, we can start with the ubiquitous jokes about the english and bathing, but it is an issue.
2/ lots of talk about new cycle paths, little reality.
3/ the obviuos ones, being buses. what is it about london buses, do they see cyclists as taking their jobs. bus drivers are the worst drivers (marginallly worse than cab drivers and white van drivers), and unlike your typical london driver that is blind to cyclists, the buses see them and target them for destruction.

one hint, if riding on a dual cariage way, ride at least 2m from the curb, you will get more abuse, but it forces the drivers to see you and pass correctly. if riding in pairs, always ride in parallel
(next to one ananother)

in summary, great concept, but until they take the step of concidering murder a crime when commited on a cyclist, its better to drive.

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riding in London

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