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What a shame

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"Een goed gebraden gans is een gave van God". And I could add an healthy mind and body is een gave van God. I believe I am beginning to like you guys. Beginning to find some common interrest here! The common search for truth, for wisdom, for compassion, common need to improve relationships with with our neighbors (American English from a Canadian Dutchman) I think it might be helpfull if you knew i was born in 1936.It would better describe my sense of values. I was not so much lumping you in with the wrecking crew as I was categorising you as intellectuals. I learned long ago that natures way of fertilizing with manure made for good organically grown agricultural products, whereas chemical fertilizer neccesitates the need for pesticides. And we all know of the evil consequences of D.D.T. to the environment. The world owns a debt of gratitude to a single biologist and very good friend of mine Mr.Rory Finnegan, who sacrificed his livelyhood and citizenship to publish the consequenses of the use of D.D.T. So it takes knowledge with men of goodwill to fight the evil of the mad scientist, wich brings us squarely back to the beginning, or Genesis if you will. The tree of the knowledge (of the difference)between Good and Evil. Whatever you perceive this tree to be. So was Henry Ford evil for conceiving the horseless cariage, or the men who invented the wheel? Or was Pres. Trueman evil for bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima. What about the birdflue that effctively ended world war one by killing 48 million people. What about the patient that caused bacteria to become immune to anti biotics. So that today the greatest cause of death is pneumonia.(in hospitals) What about the Jehova's witnees letting his child die for refusing a blood transfusion? It now shows the medical proffession are beginning to aggree with the "witnesses" Ive never been disagreeable to blood transfusions but allways wondered why it would not fit in with cannibalism. You see gentleman we are not searching for the truth! We are arguing about who is right! And that would render this conversation arrogant, stupid and a waste of time! Alas, we are human, or man or adam. There are three of us in the ring and I don't believe it would be hard for me to even the odds by finding a topic that would seperate the two of you in different camps. But that's not my intention rather the opposite is true that I shall find a common enemy. Let's call him "Ignorance" I start off with a confession of being a close relative. Let me also con fess from observation that Ignorance is a giant among giants and knowledge but a bonsai tree in comparison. It is not what we know that counts but that which is still to be learned and proven right. Right? I'm a poor prophet without any posessions or need for more than my dayly existence that my wife and I can survive on. I've lived on borowed time for fourthy years. I'm probably more against false teachings of the church then you ever could be! And while they want unity and a single common faith, I believe it's time to seperate the chaf from the wheat. To let Christmas become Xmas and instead celebrate our faith with Easter, the pass over of the Angel of death. The resurrection of the living Messiah, the second Adam, the SON of God. To stop preaching the TEN Commandments, that no-one but Christ could keep, certainly not the hypocryts and the farazees of todays churches all the way back to the days of Constantine, the architect of political christianity. He thought if I can't beat them I'll join them! Christ said preach the GOOD NEWS in to all the world, but the church preached the law of moses into all the world, by force if neccesary! But thanks be to God for a small group of slaves in 1906, who rediscovered the Baptism of the HOLy Ghost , with signs and wonders following. And a mountain of crutches and canes formed outside the mission where they had a renewed pentacost and the folks inside speaking in tongues in a joy so great that rivers of tears flowed inside that little place,tears of joy and new found freedom. Yes GOD surely Loves believers. Let him that hath ears hear what the Spirit says to his Church. True Organic Belief. Gnomon and Giford I sincerely wish you peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind, But.......... a man shall not live by roasted geese alone!

What a shame

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Gnomon - time to move on

Well said!

What a shame

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Thank you! Froliche Weinachten!

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