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Lights in bicycle tyres!

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I may have dreamt it, but i'm sure i saw on the telly a few months ago a program about inventors. One of them had designed a bicycle tyre with lights built into and around the tread. The effect was amazing. He had overcome all the obvious problems and was looking for a company to mass produce and sell his design. From memory I think he won the end of series contest.
Have you heard of him and if so has he found a backer yet ?

Lights in bicycle tyres!

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Researcher 195419

Hello, My name is Jimmy Inventor of the Night Bright Tyre You may visit my website www.nightbrighttyre.50megs.com Im glad you like my invention I only thought of it because i almost run over a cyclist or go to www.ask.co.uk and type in night bright tyre, thank you.

Lights in bicycle tyres!

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It's an interesting idea - how do you change the batteries? How much mass does it add to the wheel? How well does it work with slick high pressure tyres?

Oh, and please please please move to a service provider which doesn't try to push spyware at you as you hit the page, to say nothign of the popup ads. Sorry, pet hates.

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