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Colon Data

There are two solutions to the problem of traffic congestion;

1, Traffic congestion is cuased as a direct result of too many cars on not enough tarmac - add more tarmac. We have surplus food in Europe and a re paying farmers not to produce any. Whilst we are paying farmers not to produce food they grow grass and stuff which feeds cows and creates more food. Stop this nonsense - build roads over these fields and reduce the trafic problem.

2. Traffic congestion is caused as a direct result of too many cars on not enough tarmac - allow less cars on the road at any one time. The main problem with cars is that they go very slowly when they are in front of you - the reason they go slowly is because they are being driven by old people who have all the time in the world - not for them the aggravation ulcer brought on by a tyrant boss and a looming deadline - fine pensioners for being on the roads between 07,00 to 10,00, from 12.00 to 14.00 and from 16.30 to 20.00 and all weekend. They can allways travel at other times - they have no need to be in front of you when you are in a hurry. Then lift speed limits between 9.00 and 15.30 whilst all children are at school so you don't tun them over - if they are playing truant, well they'll learn fast about traffic even if they do not learn anything else. Also, raise speed limits between 18,00 and midnight when children should be doing homework or in bed. After midnight the speed limit should be reduced because you will rpobably be tired or drunk and should be driving very carefully indeed under these conditions - or not driving at all - see information from the police and the government about driving when tired or drunk.

So, traffic problems sorted.

I'm off to the supermarket section know to air my views on old people and shop queues - they really have no need to be in the shops when I am - they have all the time on the world.


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Spot on Pete, alias The bearded one

Traffic is caused by commuting to work. In the old days, whenever that was, people worked near where they lived and walked, or cycled. Then someone invented railways, and people started to commute to work by train. Then all the houses near the train stations got to be very expensive, so people moved away from the stations and had to drive to them to park and get the train. Then they decided that if they were going to drive to the station they might as well drive to work, and lo....traffic was created.

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