A Conversation for 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' - the Film

It's still magic, and I loved it.

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Some like to pick the film apart and make fun of it's popularity by claiming sophisication, some like to declare it's evil witchyness and some like me just loved the film as we loved the book. I see the points of the writer of the article but they obviously are to far from or to close to their childhood to relax and enjoy the fun. Being in my mid fifties I don't need to prove anything so I just enjoyed it. I was enchanted by how they made the wands in the shop surprise Harry, I loved the owls (I've always loved owls)and I loved the children. They act like children and I think each film will get better as the actors and actresses become comfortable with the parts. Just like Harry becomes more comfortable with his wizardness by the end of the film/book. It was fun to have a little magic to enjoy for a couple hours. I can't wait to see what Dobby is like on screen.

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It's still magic, and I loved it.

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