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The subject of this does not have to do with JK Rowling, it has to do with the author of this review. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but in having your own opinion you should be unbiased. I saw this entire article as bashing Harry Potter simply so you could promote Lord of the Rings. They are two totally different genres with similar character types is all. They have wizards and magic and other other-worldly aspect. Nevertheless, the two series are totally not comparable. Tolkien's writing is deeper and perchance more sophisticated than JK Rowling's, offering more insight into the makeup of the characters' personality and character development, while JK Rowling is all about the adventure and the mystery in the conspiracy-like setting of the world in which she creates.
You claim that Rowling lacks the talent of Tolkien for names of people and/or locations, yet Rowling is trying to keep the world of Harry Potter in cahoots with our world, and Tolkien has created a subterranean middle earth that bears very few if any resemblances to this world.
You can feel however you want about JK Rowling's writing and the Harry Potter series, I cannot try and change your opinions, but if you have opinions to offer, there are more diplomatic ways of doing so. Personally, I am not a fan of Tolkien's writing, and not because I think he's a bad writer, i think he's brilliant, it just doesn't grip me the way Rowling does. Not everyone has the same connections to the same types of writing and character-types, but that doesn't mean you have to go bashing other peoples visions.

with care,
tom a. thorogood

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