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Heavy duvets and futon covers

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Connie L

If you can not lift and shake your duvet easily (weak arms, low ceiling, or really heavy duvet like the 20-pounds Japanese futon), there is also a "magic" method.

1. Spread the inside-out cover evenly on the floor, with the opening in front of you.
2. Spread the futon on top of it.
3. Starting with the two corners further away from the opening, start rolling the futon and the cover together toward the center. Try and keep it very tight. This might involve knees and elbows to keep it unrolling.
4. When you get a roughly triangular shape in front of you, roll the newly formed "top corner" toward the opening.
5. If your cover does not open all the way, try also rolling the other two corners toward the center.
6. At this point, you should have a big blob of rolled futon and cover, with part of the cover's opening gaping in front of you. Make it go entirely through the opening (you are now turning the cover ouside-in).
7. Let it unroll naturally, and you'll find your futton perfectly fitting it cover!

With a bit of practice, this can be done in about one minute...

smiley - diva C.L.

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Heavy duvets and futon covers

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