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How to fit a Duvet Cover - The One-minute Guide

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Many people will struggle for literally minutes to fit duvet covers. This Entry aims to crack the problem.


The duvet should be laid flat out across the bed, with the dirty cover removed. The clean cover must be inside out.


Put your hands inside the duvet cover and grasp the two corners furthest from the opening. Wearing it like a huge glove, carefully take hold of the top corners of the duvet.


Lift both the cover and the duvet and give the whole lot a little shake. The cover should fall down over the duvet, although you might need to move it along to get the opening over the top. Hold both in the air and continue shaking. You can either stand on the bed, letting gravity do all the work, or put the whole thing down and pick it up by gripping the sides nearer the bottom. Carry on shaking until the cover is at the bottom, then turn it upside down and repeat the glove trick on the bottom corners1 with another shake to settle it in smoothly.

With a little practice this can be done in under 60 seconds for a double duvet, or less for a single. Bigger duvets have not been timed by this Researcher.

1This will not be necessary if the opening is the full width of the cover, although a good shake will still be needed.

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