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Postscript - 10 fascinating Cow Facts

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Due to the current 'Cow Parade'(http://london.cowparade.net/ ) through central London, I've come across some cool cow facts that I wish I could add to this article - but since it's already finished, I'll add them here!

TOP 10 COW FACTS . . .
1. No two cows have the same spots.
2. Cows can hear and smell better than humans.
3. There are more than a billion cattle in the world with about 200 million in India alone.
4. Cows don't bite the grass they eat. Instead they curl their tongue around it and pull.
5. Twelve or more cows are known as a 'flink.'
6. Cows clean their noses with their tongues!
7. Cows can't vomit
8. Old cows in India have their own nursing home.
9. In Texas, it's against the law to milk someone else's cow without their permission.
10. The Moscow Circus has a troupe of dancing cows that dance to Russian music and play football.

There is just no end to the cool-ness of cows!

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Postscript - 10 fascinating Cow Facts

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