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A poor imitation - cardboard cows

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Ashford Borough Council, Kent, had a spare £1000 or so left at the end of their financial year a few years ago. They needed to find a worthy project to spend it on. What local initiative could be worthy of the much needed cash? Lacking any creative ability of their own they turned their eyes to Milton Keynes, that well-known artistic hub. The council spent the money on a recreation of Milton Keynes concrete cows but done in wood and stuck on a roundabout. People were so intrigued it initially caused car accidents as perplexed drivers concentrated on the cattle and their cowherd rather than the road. A nearby village created it's own version but for far less cash. A local made a couple of rabbits out of scrap wood. I suspect they are far more popular.

A poor imitation - cardboard cows

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Vladd aka Researcher 200751

Just to point out its not just cows in MK that are concrete if you go to the MK museum there is a concrete snowman

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