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I have a question & I hope someone can help me with the answer. What
happened to the lads that protrayed John,Paul.George & Ringo in Birth Of The Beatles? I know the lad that protrayed the late George Harrison played a Bobbie(A Policeman) in AN American WereWolf in 1981. What about the other cast members in Birth Of The Beatles,what became of them? Please respond to my questions as soon as possible and by the way I loved the movie. The actors who protrayed The Beatles really looked like them. The first time I sas Birth Of The Beatles & sas the actors protraying The Beatles I nearly passed out.
I actually thought that I was really seeing the real Beatles again the way they were in the 1960's.I now have the VHS tape of this fab and gear movie that I taped off of Starz Movie Channel's True Stories that no longer exists. Peace Always as The Beatles say.Christine
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A Question:4-10-11

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Taff Agent of kaos

this is a conversation thread for the entry, the only people who will see this are the ones subscribed to the entry or snoopers like myself

you would be better off posting your question in "ask" here


you will soon have an answer, probably not the answer you want, and the thread will be dragged off topic but you will get a load of info and some sort of answer

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A Question:4-10-11

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Stephen MacKenna who played John Lennon never really had a lead film role again after that. Nor did Rod Culbertson who played Paul McCartney, although I believe both have had stage work. John Altman who played George Harrison perhaps had the most successful career, with numerous TV and minor film roles, most famously as Nick Cotton in EastEnders intermittently from 1985 to 2009. Ray Ashcroft who was Ringo Starr has enjoyed minor TV roles also.

I'm glad you enjoyed watching the film, Christine, it's one of my favourite biopics.smiley - smiley


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A Question:4-10-11

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