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Generations and First Contact

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Gnomon - time to move on

I saw 'Generations' again last night. What a classy film! It must rank as the best of all the Star Trek Movies. The author of this entry just doesn't want to admit it because it would spoil his pet theory.

And First Contact was so dull! All that Borg Queen subverting Data stuff was just too tedious! So that's another one that doesn't fit the pattern.

Perhaps there was a secret Star Trek film that was never released, so all the later ones are actually shifted by 1?

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Generations and First Contact

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That's my opinion, too.

Star Trek movies should be naive epics in a way, and Generations was the last one of that kind. smiley - sadface

First Contact was a good movie, but only as soft SciFi horror for the masses.

I see that same shift towards main stream in Bond movies. The last ones didn't have the stylish component that I like about the old ones. It was a mere recapitulating of known patterns plus too much action -- to cater the masses again.

Unfortunately this is worth it in terms of profit, so it wouldn't change.

Generations and First Contact

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Neil the Indefinite

I thought Generations was good, but First Contact is much better.
Obviously Generations has a few things that First Contact doesn't have, but First Contact is really impressive (far more than Insurrection)

I would say that once you get to the later films the pattern does become a bit blurred. Generations(VII) is at least comprable to Nemesis(X) - they are quite different films I suppose, I'm not really sure which is better.

I think Nemesis suffers from being so isolated in 2379. Whereas, Generations takes place in 2294 AND 2371 when we already see so much going on around that time, everything makes a bit more sense. Nemesis strikes me as a bit weird. I don't think we get used to the change of climate in Nemesis before so much of it is blown apart in the plot. Maybe I'm being too sensitive.

In a way they're all good and bad. But the even/odd divide is a good heuristic.

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