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if I hadn't got Revolver at Christmas I would have to go and get it now. . .

A must in any record collection.

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Yes, it is one of those albums which seems to be universally recognised as a classic. Had it not been for Sgt Pepper, I think it would've been regarded as their finest hour.

Glad you liked the article.

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Nice article about the greatest Beatles album.

Quote: "Had it not been for Sgt Pepper, I think it would've been regarded as their finest hour."

I think that Revolver is usually voted higher than Sgt Pepper's in 'Best Album Ever' polls these days. Although Sgt Pepper has a batch of wonderful tracks, A Day In The Life being the finest of all, it's probably dated more than any other mid-late period Beatles.

The production's well worth mentioning too. I know George Martin has been known to blow his own trumpet to the point of parody, but compare this to contemporary albums by the Stones, the Who, the Animals or even the Beach Boys and the superior recording and mixing sticks out a mile.

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Yes, I'm inclined to agree with you. I think Revolver tends to be more popular with a younger audience, as it is cooler sound, very Britpop.

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Dr Bob

Good article. Revolver is an excellent album, and stands the test of time because its production values are so modern. It seems louder than any of their earlier records. Suddenly the guitars sound totally different, probably because the Beatles were always buying and trying new ones.

I think the guitar sound here is almost certainly influenced by the Byrds rather than the Stones. The Beatles were far to clever to bother copying the ropey old Stones, but were hip to what was happening in the States.

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You could be right. I still maintain that a lot of their stuff from 65 -66 is heavier than the Byrds, though. Daytripper and the instrumental track of Paperback Writer sound very Stonesy to me. Then again, Nowhereman is quite Dylan/Byrds. To think all these people would bump into each other at parties is just mad.

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