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Progress I guess.

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Researcher 180970

Just in case anyone wanted to know it is completely legal for women (and men) to go topless anywhere in the province of Ontario in Canada. Although I think that some privately run establishments are allowed to forbid it.

Nudity and modern day society.

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It occurs to me that with the
added obstacles of modern society
it isnt really practical to BE nude.
Can you imagine a rush hour commute?
All those body chemicals, enticing
our animal instincts? Nothing would
get done! Not to mention the distinct
lack of foliage and the necessary
tough skin. Talk about a nightmare.

Nudity and modern day society.

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Would anybody mind that nothing got done?

Depends which animal instincts you're talking about of course.

Personally I find the odours of some individuals quite annoying enough even when they are clothed - especially the people who apparently don't know what a washing machine is. The trick is, I think, to be nude as part of the above mentioned re-assessment of values - the one that tells us that the rush-hour commute is also a non-sensical part of modern life.

Nudity and modern day society.

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Researcher 180970

I think that from a common sense standpoint being nude all the time would be somewhat impractical for several reasons, such as climate and sunburns where the sun didn't previously shine.
One of the reasons behind clothing, other than modesty, is as a sort of protection against the rigors of daily life. If you've ever tried frying bacon in the nude you'll know what I'm talking about.
In addition, would you want to sit on a bus, train, or taxi seat without anything between you and it? Never mind that it would have had hundreds of other naked people sit on it before you without being cleaned.
As for the odours, I'm not sure that wearing clothes really helps some people.

Nudity and modern day society.

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Yep, I've tried frying bacon. Won't do that again, and I know what you mean about sitting on a seat that's just been vacated by someone who didn't shower after frying bacon - or whatever.

(Actually I just got an email from a friend about the disgusting things found by a team of researchers who analysed the seats of a London tube train. From now on I'll wear an NBC suit.)

But all the same, once the sunburn stops being naked is absolutely lovely and the practicalities of life should be organised to recognise that fact - not repress it. Did you read the naturism article about the nude town in France? There's your answer.

All the best

Nudity and modern day society.

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I think the point is not that people want to be naked all the time, they just want the freedom to be able to go naked when they want.

It is very nice to be able walk outside without having to worry about putting on clothes.

I mean think of all the time it would save. You wouldn't have to find you dressing gown or put clothes on to get the milk in or to collect the mail. You'd just get up,go outside, go back in, and go back to bed.

Obviously you would put clothes on to go to work etc. it would be cold for one thing!!!! And sitting on plastic covered seats with nothing on is not fun. You get stuck

Nudity and modern day society.

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Nudism, though more natural, really, isn't really practical in the modern world for the reasons mentioned above. Clothing also means protection and warmth, not just hiding your body. It can also be erotic.
And just think of the massive increase in unemployment that would invariably occur if everyone stopped wearing clothes? No more clothes production, no more shops, no more fashion magazines.
I'm ok with the idea of being allowed to go nude if you like, but there are more reasons not to use that freedom.

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