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The Ultimate Cat Toy for Lazy People

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This is a description of a cat toy, that will drive your cat crazy with both pleasure and frustration, but that allows you to stay put on your couch.

You Will Need

  • A cat
  • A torch (a laser pointer will also work1)

How it Works

Switch on the torch and shine it on the floor. Make sure that your cat notices the spot of light. Slowly start moving the torch around. You'll see that it catches your cat's attention. From this point onwards, start experimenting. 'Hide' the spot of light around a corner, shine the spot of light on a wall or make circles with the spot of light.

You will probably see your cat chasing the spot like crazy, which will make you discover a new meaning to the expression 'Driving somebody up the wall'!

Don't worry if your cat seems a bit frustrated once you switch off the torch, this effect will last no more than a few minutes thanks to their short attention span...

If you have the time or inclination, you could make your pet the ideal cat toy but before that, you'll need to know how to make a cat toy, of course...

1But beware for the possible harm you might cause to your cat's eyes! A laser pointer shining directly into an eye can cause permanent damage to the retina.

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