A Conversation for Mother's Day Presents

Be insidious, give her something for yourself...

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Dr Hell

Why not? It's her own fault if she's satisfied with everything she has. Ask her what she wants. If she answers the usual: "Noooo... I don't need anything." be insidious. Buy something with second intentions, but don't forget her favourite flowers (if the present is a flunk, there's still the flowers). The second thoughts may vary in perfidity. Subtile variations include 'inciting her into a hobby' and more selfish variations include baking-books like 'baking delicious chocolate cakes'.

1 - Inciting Mom into a hobby

One must be careful though, but this will solve the problems for all the next mother's days. And birthdays. And christmas. Or Chanukka. Care must be taken to find a suitable hobby which she will eventually like. Observe your Mom carefully. Do you see her gardening, making pottery, other artistic stuff, videos, collecting coins, drawing cartoons, playing an ukulele, scuba-diving, h2g2-ing? Everyone has a weak spot.

2 - Make her bake more of your favourite cakes

(I've done it with my mom - it worked) Baking books are perfectly disguised presents for yourself. It looks like a book for her (there are very beautiful baking books with background info and historical aspects of the cakes), but next time you visit her, the cake is for you. Alternatives: Making chocolate, secrets of the chinese kitchen (perhaps along with a Wok-set). Don't forget: Moms like to feed their offspring. No matter how old.

3 - Magazine-subscriptions

(Works for Dads, too.) Sometimes you spend a lot of time at your parent's home while Mom is away, cooking or on the phone. She won't let you help in the kitchen, telephone conversations can take hours. Fortunately there's the National Geographic Magazine on the table. In such magazines there's something for every taste. (You can also renew it every year, solving the next year's problem). It is also a nice long-distance present (you can arrange the subscription by mail).

Be insidious, give her something for yourself...

Post 2

Dr Hell

4 - Inciting a living-room style-change

Are you not satisfied with the looks of your parents' living-room? (The question sounds really nasty, but what the hey?) What about the dining room? You can start to incite a style change in subtle and less-subtle manners by giving the right presents. Subtle ways include: Stylish-candles, a freaky tablecloth or a modern lamp. Less subtle ways include: A0-Posters (don't forget the frame) with a motif at the limits of her taste (don't exagerate!). Oh! And don't forget to install the poster! More less-subtle ways: Attack the furniture (is a little more expensive but works best). Attack the curtains, give her curtains with modern patterns.

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Be insidious, give her something for yourself...

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