A Conversation for Surviving Valentine's Day If You're Single

...waste of time and money...

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Lemon Blossom (aka Athena Albatross)

Valentine's day is a waste of time and money intended to make high profits for comercial interests but worthless to everyone else.

...waste of time and money...

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Absolutely on target!

It would be more appropriate to say, "Happy Hallmark Day"
or "Happy Good News Day"!

I'm going to call it "Wonderful Guiness Day"!

...waste of time and money...

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Pedantic Programmer

Perhaps we should have a Valentinian's day, instead?

...waste of time and money...

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Pedantic Programmer

As in celebrating the life of the Roman emperor, Valentinian

... waste of time and money ... I don't know?

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EINMOTO - Bliss is better - N = R* fp ne fl fi fc L

I don't know?
Although the cost of red roses double on or around this day, I really believe that most people are basically shy, but at the same time want love and connection (h2g2 being a good example).
So having a day when you can surprise someone with a card, flowers or chocolates is no bad thing. If you wanted to stop the commercial side of this day, one could make a card, pick some flowers from the garden and bake a cake (instead of buying chocs).
And don't forget, if someone isn't interested in your "love" or "affection" move on. This is one of the most valued things that you could offer/give someone. smiley - hug

... waste of time and money ... I don't know?

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I tell my guy every year, if he wants to show me how much he loves me he can take me out and buy me presents on any day except the one where he is suppost to because someone else told him to. Giving me a present on valantines day says nothing. Giving me a present or taking me out because you love me and want to make me happy on any day of the year means a hell of a lot more.

So Bah humbug valantines day I will be staying at home watching a DVD and I will probably have to do the washing up.. so what I know I am loved 365 days a year (366 this year). When put into perspective going all out for one day really does mean nothing.

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