A Conversation for Preparation of Cold Meats and Teatime Fare

good lashing wi' t'tongue

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are you entirely sure about availability of tongue? Rolled and boiled tongue still appears to be available from old-time butchers in the North of England and bordering areas - saw it on sale at a butchers' stall in Wrexham Market recently, and also in Halifax. There's an old-time pork butchers not far from where I live (Stockport) that will sell it to you.

I guess the key phrase here is "old-time". tongue, like haslet, appears to be one of those meats that have fallen out of favour with a younger customer-base, who might perhaps see it associated with wartime rationing, post-war shortages, and general poverty they don't want to be associated with: for the same reason, older people favour it as a taste they grew up with. Is it also associated more with the North? (sightings in Wrexham notwithstanding - but Flintshire/Maelor is an extension into Wales of the North Cheshire industrial belt).

A shame as I quite like it myself - and haslet - but I suspect that like spam and even corned beef, it's spurned by under-forties as a food tainted by poverty and want.

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good lashing wi' t'tongue

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