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I know heroin, 5 years ago, whilst visiting a local nite-club, i met a beautifull 21 year old girl, a vision...we talked for a few hours, getting on very well untill she told me she was just getting off of a £240 a day intra-veinus smack habbit. As i was no stranger to the other popular drugs i was not too shocked and decided to stay and talk rather then run away...well things got serious and before long i was having a relationship with a junkie, i was in love....for 18 long hard months she fought, trying re-hab and various drugs to get off, one time in one of her weeker moments she decided that she needed a hit as things were getting on top, so as usual i went out to get her gear, a needle etc and brought it home. this was no unusual thing a
s recovering addicts sometimes have lapses....well she cooked up and tried to find a vein in her arm, as they had all collapsed it took over an hour, when she finaly found a vein i was as relieved as she was as my little girl was not in pain anymore....i cried......this was the last time she took a hit, more than 3 years ago...you see, i a non heroin user had given this young girl the chance, not only to succeed but to fail as well, we now have a beautifull 4 year old girl and even tho the relationship has broken down
my head has changed, i only wish more people could see addicts a human beings instead scum....im sorry if my grammar has you confused its just so important that if someone you know or love is a user then they are not scum, not all of them anyway.....do the world a favour, dont treat them as lepers, if you do you are no better than the
crime syndicates that flood our world with evil....heroin is killing our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, it wants you all in fact, if you ignore it it will get stronger........now im alone, i see my daughter at weekends as me and my partner have split, mainly due to the stress of the first 18 months....but even tho thats the case i would not change a single thing as if i hadnt decided to stick with it in the first place im sure she would be dead........take care and stay off the gear....x

I Know Heroin.

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Hi Nine bar,

Its just horrible to see someone waste themselves.

I Know Heroin.

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thank you for your reply, the good news is that things are still going smooth, my ex is still off the gear and i see mt daughter regular, in fact im off to pick her up in half an hour........the other step towards progress is that i am going to take a councilling course so i can help people professionally......have to try and make a difference....laters...9bar

I Know Heroin.

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Hi Nine-bar.

Its good to know your ex is off the gear, and that you still see your llittle girl. Its tough when someone you love loves some*thing* else much more than they love anything or anyone else, even themselves.

I've encountered heroin users a few times, was good friends with one for a while. Dunno how he is these days smiley - sadface

Of the others I've known one who just did it as a 'phase' on a holiday for a couple of months, and is now *gasp* a primary school teacher.

Others are squatters with precarious lives, some are fine, some less so. There's a top fella I met in Nottingham who works in a rehab centre having sorted himself out, he is now (trying to) sort out other people.

Good luck with the counselling course.

I Know Heroin.

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i wish everone had your attitude, most people treat addicts as lepers,
some are hopeless cases i admit but u cant discount them or ignore them as they deserve the same treatment as a anyone else......i still use recreational substances; smoke weed and take the odd pill when im stompin at a rave, so i can get my head round the why's and wherefores
of harder drug users and obviously my first hand account with my ex partner is helpfull.......keep happy......ps...u can also find me on leisure district under same name if u want to chat more....laters...9bar....xx

I Know Heroin.

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Researcher 224013

I know heroin I hate herion Ive had enough of heroin and the life it creates for you to live in
Being a heroin addict of 10 years, now in treatment I do believe it is a waste of time getting involved with a h addict as it makes their life easier thus ensuring their journey to the bottom of the road a so much longer one hence more years on heroin
addicts have to hit rock bottom before they can think aBOUT THE ROAD TO RECOVERY. tHIS COMES FROM EXPERIENCE.

I Know Heroin.

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Came across this. Please fill this in!

Drug Strategy Consultation Launched

Make sure the voice of families is heard!
The government has launched a national consultation to inform the development of the next Drug Strategy. The current strategy is due to end next year and now is the time to put forward your opinion about changes you want to see in the future.
There is a short online version (7 questions) which can be completed by or a full (52 question response) that can be completed by .
Responses have to be submitted by 19th October 2007.
Adfam will be calling for greater support for families both in their own right and as a way of better helping substance users. We will argue that dedicated resources and commitment needs to be in place to ensure that families, friends and carers get the support they need.
To view the full drug consultation document report and further informaton from the Home Office .

I Know Heroin.

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I know this topic was posted a while back but i saw it and felt compelled to write having been out with someone who i believed was an ex heroin addict. I guess i was a little naive to the situation as he had just come out of prison when i met him in the pub that i worked in. It became very apparent that he had not kicked his habit (or if he had he was back on the gear) and the relationship last little less than a couple of months. In this time though i was kicked out of my flat and found myself sofa-surfing with him between his various heroin addict friends flats. Being a non user this soon became an issue as i was still working yet not knowing where i was staying from night to night. The relationship broke down but i still felt sad for a time but to be honest now i know it was for the best. I still see him around town but he chooses to ignore me which is fine it doesnt mean i dont still care for him and his well-being. He has continued to go back and forth from prison and still uses heroin. I hope that one day he will see sense but to be honest (and maybe i am sounding bad for writing him off) but knowing my ex i can pretty certainly say that i dont think he will.
I have nothing against drug users from time to time most of us have dabbled in recreational drugs, but i find it hard to understand im not going to lie why people use and continue to use hard drugs. I dont think badly against them i just find it hard to get my head round. My friend has a baby with a heroin addict and he has nothing to do with the child and its so sad, hes completely lost but he needs to get to his lowest point before he can come back, i just hope that he (like my ex) get to this point, survive it and make it back to lead the lives they deserve to live and not just exist for their next 'hit'.

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