A Conversation for Driving in the Australian Outback

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Vahliare Sawyn

Mice and wombats and spiders and snakes HAH these are nothing (btw did you know that of the 25 most venomous snakes in the world, Australia has 21) what you really need to look out for are passengers. I think you only forgot two points.

1. Maps.
NEVER EVER EVER buy a map hopeing to follow it - other than in major cities and on the highway (although this is one straight long continuose road anyway so you dont need one). In Oz maps a bits of paper with pretty pics to amuse the kids on long drives and use as kindling/toilet paper/anything that needs a bit of paper. If you do try and follow a map you will undoudtedly end up in the wrong town with no way of getting to the place you want to go except to drive back down the last 100-500 kms you just drove and turn in the other side road that isnt there until you've gone past it. Maps are evil. They make great kindling though


2. Passengers. You did breifly mention to pick your driving companions carefully because of the boredom but you didn't mention the 'backseat' driver mentality of Aussies. Firstly no matter who is driving everyone in the car knows how to drive better and get to the destination quicker/easier/on a better road or has a short cut. NEVER take a locals or anyones short cut. Also all the backseat drivers will tell the actual driver just what they think and of course give directions. DO NOT FOLLOW these directions. They are only designed to make you go the wrong way. Only the driver knows where to go and if not then he pretends.

Other than that you got us pretty much down pat. Loved your work

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from Australia

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