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Thanks for that article - I'd forgotten about Old Nick in the Quadrant.

Yes we should have a campaign to have him re-instated in the city somewhere more prominent.

I for one am continuously annoyed by the small minority of religous bigots in the city who constantly make a mockery out of us Jacks. Remember when Swansea was the only place in Britain to Ban 'The Life of Brian' in cinemas, yet you could go five miles down the road and view it in Neath or Llanelli. Ridiculous. They also take up large amounts of space in the letters page of the Evening Post spreading their intolerance through mis-quoting the bible for their own strange agenda's.

Bring back old nick !

Swansea Devil

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Felonious Monk - h2g2s very own Bogeyman

What amazes me about their standpoint is that they seem to have forgotten that to believe in God, you also have to believe in the Devil. The two go hand in hand.

Swansea Devil

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I agree. although I have never seen nick (too young) I would like to. Dont ever read the evening post because it's full of narrow-minded bigots and Cymru Cymraeg haters.

Swansea Devil

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Did you see the one a couple of months ago?
This man said that no-one reallycared about the welsh language and we were just putting on a show for the english!!!!

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