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Remembrance Poems

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Researcher 187059

Here is a poem written by my 8 year old daughter, we hope that you like it and would love to hear your comments or poems.

On the eleventh month on the eleventh day on the eleventh hour
We wear the poppy as an honourable flower
We remember those that fought so brave
And ended up in their grave
We are so sad that those brave people had to go
But God is looking down on them with his happy glow
Remember; remember the eleventh of November.

Remembrance Poems

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Researcher 168963

The sentiment is there without going over the top- I like it very much.
smiley - rose

Remembrance Poems

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Bagheera: Spellchecker, Grammarian Pedant, Semiquavering Secretary and member of the Punctuation Police

Poignant - simple - direct.
A child's view is moving, and this is mature beyond belief.
Beautifully expressed: I loved it.

Remembrance Poems

Post 4

Researcher 208027

Lest We Forget A Debt

To King and Emperor homage paid,
with pomp and splendour they parade,
race,creed and colours,every hue,
a final payment of debts due.
The battles over,peace they sought,
justice?,equality?,they bought,
a promise kept?,so they had thought.

For many independence came,
but justice hung it's head in shame,
equality was just a name,
in rage they sought a cause to blame.
in enmity they slew each other,
or enslaved those they could not tame.

A "lucky" few looked to their Lord
and sought the crumbs beneath his board
and immigrants they now became,
including those of warrior fame,
willing slaves in all but name.
A fuse was lit and slowly burns
and like the worm,the world just turns.

Proud conquerers of the "master race",
when friends in need were friends indeed,
in death there was no colour bar,
those living given just one chance,
to end this mad,unequal dance,
so change the music and the stance,
make each note loud and break the trance.

Thomas Moore

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