A Conversation for Fire Breathing

You think paraffin tastes bad

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Captain Kebab

You want to try tasting diesel! Actually, no you don't - I'm not suggesting anybody should try to fire breath with it, still less ingest it, but having spent many years tinkering with motor-cars I have accidentally tasted a variety of noxious fluids.

Petrol is comprehensively horrid, and burns your mouth, diesel is revolting, and brake fluid is simply beyond description. A drop on the end of a cigarette has had me spitting on many an occasion.

Antifreeze, dangerously, is sweet. Cats apparently like it. It kills them.

You think paraffin tastes bad

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had to read that twice - for a moment there I thought you were suggesting that cat's liked the taste of anti-freeze because it makes them die. there again, perhaps that works for suicidal cats. who knows? in any case, nice article vg, but I don't think I'm about to try fire-breathing without the supervision of someone experienced.

You think paraffin tastes bad

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vogonpoet (AViators at A13264670)

that was indeed the point of the article smiley - smiley
Tis good fun though smiley - devil

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