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OK that may be a little harsh, but if you're ever planning to snowboard in Scotland, you'll find it difficult to avoid the dreaded T-bar - unless you're happy to ignore some of the best slope areas we have.

The technique is much the same as described for the button tow. Just slip one side of the "T" between your thighs, and try not to brace yourself too much for the inevitable first pull - because the more you brace, the more it's likely to hurt!

Surprisingly, once you get used to it, it is often easier and more comfortable to ascend a T-bar with another 'boarder, or even a skier. Getting onto the lift can be tricky but once you're going it keeps the T better balanced and you can help each other keep on track.

Generally they're bearable (they have to be regarded as a necessary evil in this country) but by heck they can make your eyes water where they encounter a particularly steep slope. My advice - grin (holler if it makes you feel better) and bear it!



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But you wrote "they have to be regarded as a necessary evil in this country". You're right! You're with me! They're EVIL!!! They must be stopped! (Can you tell I fell off one once? smiley - winkeye)

Seriously, the main reason they're anywhere is lack of money for chairs, isn't it? And isn't a slightly faster button preferable to a T bar? I find them a LOT more comfortable.

Thanks for reading and commenting...



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I couldn't agree more. They are evil but they're (usually) better than hiking.

Most button tows are indeed a good deal more comfortable, although they have some with a small plastic shaft some places (eg Glencoe) that can be pretty uncomfortable.


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Martin Harper

Another entry I wish I'd seen *before* I learnt much of it the hard way.

Never seen a 'button lift', but I have had to go up a T-bar a couple times. I remember being severely stroppy with my family because they were all on skis (and are accomplished ski-ers), while I was on my third day on a board (though I'd ski-d before) and had never been up a T-bar on a board before. So when I (inevitably) fell off, you can imagine me being somewhat put out. smiley - cross

I felt they were being rather inconsiderate (asking me to manage a fairly high-speed schuss(sp) shortly after was too much), so after that we parted company (the joys of being over the age of consent and suchlike) and I meandered slowly down to the cafe for some alcohol and a sulk. It was a good sulk. The alcohol was so-so...

Anywho, the point of my post is: between the legs? Or under the bum?


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