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DTS _isn't_ made by Dolby...

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Researcher 194115

In the 'Home Cinema Sound Standards' section, DTS is described as "another Dolby Labs sound standard" - it ISN'T! It's actually developed by a rival company - why would Dolby compete with itself?!

Anyway, keep up the good work.


DTS _isn't_ made by Dolby...

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Researcher 197624

Anyone who has a television or DVD with AC3 output and hasn't yet heard AC3 is only receiving half the picture!
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DTS _isn't_ made by Dolby...

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Oops. You aren't allowed to advertise on this site, 197624, it's the BBC, after all...


DTS _isn't_ made by Dolby...

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I agree with Researcher 194115

DTS was developed as a direct competitor to Dolby Digital (or AC3).

Steven Spielberg is one of the owners

It is a more prevalent format now due to the larger capacity of bluray disks.

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